Grupo Tesco is aware of the importance of data protection, as well as of the privacy of the USER and for this reason, has implemented a data processing policy aimed at providing maximum security in the use and collection of the same, ensuring compliance with current legislation on the subject and configuring this policy as one of the basic pillars in the lines of action of the entity.

Identity information

In compliance with the duty of information contained in article 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, the following data are reflected below: the company that owns is Técnicas y Sistemas de conservación SA, (hereafter the Grupo Tesco) with registered offices at C/Solanes 2 local, 08023 –Barcelona, which is the “person responsible for the control of data.” VAT number.: A-58141516. Contact e-mail:

At, we respect your personal information and in order to comply with the respective security policies concerning the entire website, which should be mandatory, I inform you of the following.

Privacy of personal data:

Your personal data is yours alone and this website is responsible for not revealing any kind of information that belongs to you (such as email addresses, IP addresses, etc.), except with your express permission or with forces of a greater legal nature involving you, such as hacking or impersonation.

Responsibility for the opinions expressed:

Publications in the form of articles (also called posts) are the responsibility of the author of the blog. The comments, made by the visitors, are their own responsibility and in the case that they violate the minimum rules of respect for others and good manners, they would be deleted by the editor of the blog, without waiting for their consent.

Security of your personal information:

This website is responsible for ensuring your security, the privacy of your information and respect for your data, in accordance with the limitations that the current Internet provides us, being aware that we are not excluded from suffering any attack by crackers or malicious users who engage in computer crime.

Obtaining your information:

All your personal data entered on this site are provided by you, making full use of your freedom. The information stored here only includes basic data entered through contact forms, comments or other of a similar nature.

Use of information:

By providing us with your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy set out here, you consent to the following use of your information:

  • for the very purpose for which it was supplied;
  • to be considered within our traffic statistics, thus increasing our advertising and market offer;
  • to better orient the services offered here and evaluate them at your discretion,
  • to send e-mails with our newsletters, answer questions or comments, and keep our users informed.

Modifications to our Privacy Policy:

The website reserves the right to modify, rectify, alter, add or delete any point of this present document at any time and without prior notice, and it is your responsibility to keep yourself informed of it for the proper management of your information.