The terrace is one of the most used leisure places in a house. The fact that it is outdoors makes it very prone to getting soiled, so it will need to be cleaned regularly.

The cleanliness of the terrace depends on the type of floor.

Cleaning a terrace with terracotta floor:

Terracotta is a great option on any terrace as it can perfectly withstand the force of the sun. To clean it well, it is ideal to eliminate all the objects that might bother us, as well as the dust, with a broom. Then we will have to take water with a dash of bleach and scrub the stain-covered surface. Then we will rinse it off. The stains will disappear, and to prevent them from coming back prematurely, we will only have to apply a layer of terrace wax.

Cleaning a terrace with a cement floor

Cement is a less common material than others in exterior terraces. To clean it we will have to prepare a solution based on water, a dash of vinegar, a spoonful of detergent and another of ammonia. Spread the mixture on the floor of the terrace and scrub it with a broom with resistant bristles. Ready!

Cleaning a terrace with brick flooring

The brick resembles terracotta when it comes to cleaning it. At the beginning, just a pass of water with detergent and a broom will be enough. What makes this type of terrace floor more laborious is the mixture to be applied later, based on turpentine (two parts) and linseed oil (one part). Spread the mixture over the brick floor and let it dry. You’ll see the great results!

Cleaning an asphalt terrace

They are rare, but they exist. And their method of cleaning is not extraordinary; far from it. We’ll have to make sure that we don’t collect too much dirt. To do this, you just have to sweep with the broom a couple of times a week. And for a deep cleaning, a mixture of warm water and softener will be enough. If you use soaps or detergents, watch out! You could leave some very undesirable stains.