In today’s post we want to tell you what the criteria we use to select staff in Grupo TESCO are.

This is a decalogue of good practices and details that will make you a perfect employee. There are 10 tips that will make you stand out from the rest. This way you will make an excellent impression on our customers.

Who would want to hire an employee who is not able to stay clean?

Remember that you are the image of Grupo TESCO before our clients; not only must your personal hygiene be exquisite, but you must also maintain an optimal image and physical condition to carry out the different tasks associated with your job.

Consider your personal image as part of the service and follow these simple tips:


  1. Shower daily. It is not necessary to wash your hair every day, but you should wear it neatly, so if you have long hair we advise you to wear it in a ponytail or bun to avoid excessive sweating.
  2. Watch out for smells. If you think you have a strong body odour, the best solution is to use a subtle deodorant. Don’t use strong perfumes.
  3. Brush your teeth after every meal. Bad breath and an unhealthy mouth is one of the main causes of rejection by others, including our customers.
  4. Wash your hands. Always remember that hands are one of the most important vehicles for transmitting infections, so we must always keep them clean (cleaning and cutting nails prevents the formation of bacteria and germs). This is especially important if you work in hospital or agri-food environments.
  5. Work in uniform. The uniform distinguishes us as professionals. Never work without it and always keep it clean by washing it at home periodically.

Remember street wear also transmits a lot about your image! Women are advised to wear a skirt or dress and be discreet, both in the length of the skirt and in the neckline. In the case of men, it is recommended not to wear tracksuits, shorts and/or flip-flops.

  1. The less make-up the better: Be very careful with your make-up, your work involves physical effort! When we exercise, our skin sweats and our pores dilate. If you wear makeup, your pores will become clogged and even absorb the harmful substances in makeup, which is obviously bad for the skin.
  2. Better without jewellery: Don’t overdo it with jewellery, it not only hinders any physical activity, but you could lose it.



Punctuality is a must. Plan your journeys with enough time so that you are ready to start work at the beginning of the service (suitably uniformed). It’s better to arrive 5 minutes early than 5 minutes late!

Although it shouldn’t happen, anyone can have a setback. In this case, always remember to have your supervisor’s, HR’s or even the client’s phone number available to give as much advanced notice as possible.


It seems obvious, but the treatment and presence in any kind of professional service is very important.

Saying “please” and “thank you” is just the beginning. Who doesn’t like to be greeted with a good morning or even offered help by opening the door? Always greet the people you meet and remember that the relationship with them must always be formal, i.e. “Sir” or “Ma’am.”


Show willingness to serve and help customers. When faced with a complaint or suggestion, pay close attention to what the client communicates to you, listening to the details to extract the maximum amount of information, resolve it and prevent it from happening again.

Even if the client is not right, never argue with him/her, it is preferable that you indicate that there has been a communication problem or misunderstanding and then contact your supervisor to clarify the issue.

Have a positive attitude. Always think about how you would like to be cared for. Everyone knows that a smile is contagious, so bring out your best smile and conquer the customer with your kindness!

Prevent noise

If you work during the client’s business hours, it is best to work in silence. Take special care to avoid noises that may interfere with their work, disturb their employees or even their own customers.

Whenever you need to communicate with the client or with your colleagues, maintain a moderate sound level.

Finally, never use your mobile phone while working. We advise you to leave it at your ticket office or at the store that the client has set up for Grupo TESCO.

Work with order

The state of the warehouse, workstation or trolley creates an immediate impression on customers. Make sure that the tools and work equipment (trolleys, buckets, etc.) are in good condition, perfectly clean and tidy in their place, and that they do not pose a risk to anyone.

Keep in mind that keeping your workspace tidy reduces the time spent searching for tools and allows you to work in more comfort and space.

During operations, avoid placing the cleaning elements where they might interfere with the passageways. You will avoid accidents and unwanted injuries.

Keep hoses and wires rolled up when not in use.

Be environmentally friendly

Did you know that every 10 bins of paper to be recycled will prevent the felling of 1 tree, the consumption of 250 litres of oil, or the contamination of 25,000 litres of water?

In Grupo TESCO we are an environmentally sustainable company. Help us to achieve this and follow these simple tips:

  1. Recycle and classify waste according to its nature and dispose of it in the appropriate containers, preventing it from mixing with other waste.
  2. Hazardous Waste: Store the waste that is considered hazardous (empty containers that have contained hazardous substances, solvents and fluorescents) and send it to your supervisor so that we can deposit it in the nearest suitable container or recycling centre. Never dispose of them in urban and similar waste containers!
  3. Save water!
  4. Information: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on both labels and technical data sheets regarding chemical dosage and do not mix them under any circumstances.
  5. Make the most of your own resources: Use the material to the maximum of its useful life. Avoids loss and wastage.
  6. Save electricity!:
    1. Make the most of natural light as much as possible and, once your workday is over or whenever it is not necessary to use it, make sure that the lights and all the electrical devices are switched off.
    2. Prevent temperature losses by closing doors and windows.
    3. Set the temperature at reasonable ranges (20°C in winter and 24°C in summer). In summer, lowering the temperature by 1 degree increases the energy consumption by 8% and in winter, raising it by 1 degree increases the energy consumption by 10%.

Surprise them

Surprising customers is not necessarily a question of money, but of creativity. Show that you pay attention to detail and follow these simple tips:

  1. Learn their names, but maintain formality, remember to call them “Sir” or “Ma’am.”
  2. Hello and Goodbye: If you work during customer business hours, always say hello when you arrive and say goodbye when you leave. Remember that a smile gives off more light than a power plant!
  3. Identify the bigshots: Do your best in the bosses’ offices; they’re the ones who hire us!
  4. Congratulate them on important dates
  5. Integrate: Celebrate their achievements with them and make them consider you as one of their team.
  6. Show them that you care about your work and ask them to give their opinion about your performance.
  7. Stimulate their senses: Why not leave a natural air freshener at the end of the service?
  8. Make yourself visible: Even if you don’t work during customer business hours, why not leave a note with a smiley face for our customers from time to time?

Try to find small details that make you stand out from the rest of your peers and earn the client’s trust!

Keep in mind that these details may be relevant enough for the client to recommend Grupo TESCO to their acquaintances and allow us to continue growing with you.


Respect your peers and work as a team. Although we don’t all know each other when we work at our clients’ facilities, we are one big family.

Watch out! Arguments among colleagues are not acceptable. If you have any disagreements with any of your colleagues, contact your supervisor or the Human Resources Department on 902 702 803 to help resolve them.

Don’t air your dirty laundry in the street


The customers have enough problems already! Believe me, they don’t want us to generate more for them, so any work problem must be solved internally in Grupo TESCO, always without involving the client.

Contact your supervisor or the Human Resources Department on 902 702 803 without losing your temper and maintain a proper tone and vocabulary.

As you can see in Grupo TESCO, we want to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by taking care of the service we provide down to the smallest detail. We know that without you we would not make it, so… We’re counting on you!

What are your secrets? Leave your comments and… To being the best employee!